Steam Pot 3 Layer 28 CM (THIN)

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Steam Pot 3 Layer 28 CM (THIN)


  • 28cm High Quality 3 Layers Stainless Steel Pot, with 2 Steamer Layers.
  • Material : Stainless steel
  • Stainless Steel lid master the cooking progress and check the cooking situation of the food.
  • Vented hole lets steam escape to prevent boiling over. The filter water is convenient and the large capacity can hold more food.
  • All steel handles are insulated and anti-skid. Micro-arched lid design to ensure full circulation of steam inside the steamer.
  • Suitable to steam, braised, stew and all kind of cooking purpose. Easy to clean.
  • Use pot on its own, when not steaming. Simply detach, separate.
  • Steamer from pot Ergonomic design of pot design to prevent scalding.
  • Length: 28cm (diameter) x 33cm (height)


  • 1 x Steam Pot 3 Layer

✅Like small scratches, color spot, mark and dark spot
✅Glass lid and pot might have 5% error unfit space
Please be noted that customer need to accept this common defect. No exchange for less than 10% small defect. This defect is not too obvious and did not affect the product function.

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