SILVER CREST Heavy Duty Blender 2.0L

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SILVER CREST Heavy Duty Blender 2.0L

  • Features:

    • Multi-function heavy duty 2L blender.
    • Super strong unbreakable TRITAN JAR
    • Heavy duty 2800w+ motor
    • High speed 32000 rpm w/ Japanese bearing
    • Variable speed control with pulse
    • Over-heat, over load & surge protection
    • With safety switch
    • Suitable for smoothie, ice crush, fruit juice, veg juice, soy milk, sesame soup and etc.
    • Comes with 6 high quality stainless steel extra hard blades and heating function.
    • High speed motors built with NSK bearings and an advanced cooling fan.
    • Provides an optimum reliability during peak hours of operation.
    • Strawberry Banana Smoothie , Orio Milk Shake , Iced Mocha Fusion shake , Tropical coconut smoothie , mint margarita , barf ka gola , caramel banana smoothie , mango lassi frozzen yogurt / also you can blend meat , chiken etc

    Untuk kegunaan kali pertama, anda boleh isi air kosong dahulu dan switch on blender. Sila on off berulang kali untuk seketika. (30 saat on, 5 saat berhenti, 30 saat on, 5 saat berhenti, Lakukan beberapa kali). Ini bertujuan untuk melancarkan motor blender yang masih baru.
    Jika ada terdapat bau asap, ini adalah tindak balas normal untuk blender baru. Blender ini mempunyai safety feature iaitu auto off jika motor terlebih panas. Tunggu sehingga motor cool down dan boleh guna semula.


    Color might slighly different due to lighting

    ‼️Customer NEED TO ACCEPT some common manufactured error and no exchanges.

    ✅ Small scratches, color spot, mark ,dark spot, dented.

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