410 Stainless Steel Oil Filter 1.7L

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410 Stainless Steel Oil Filter 1.7L

Description :

  • Filter separator oil storage pot comes with a curved comfortable handle, well suited to your hand and less prone to getting hot.
  • Fry your tasty bacon, then pour the grease thru the strainer into the catcher. Now you are ready to add bacon flavor to popcorn, eggs, pancakes, biscuits or whatever you can think of.
  • Use the hidden strainer as a separator for all the particles and the little spout to help with pouring.
  • The lid fits over the mesh screen and canister for a clean looking dispenser

Features :

  • 1.7L container with strainer
  • Filter included
  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy to filter and reuse oil
  • Durable; Reliable and highly versatile
  • High Quality And Long Lasting

Color might slighly different due to lighting

‼️Customer NEED TO ACCEPT some common manufactured error and no exchanges.

✅ Small scratches, color spot, mark ,dark spot, dented.

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